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Gecić Law is one of the foremost innovative law firms in Serbia. We have achieved this by building long-term relationships with clients based on reciprocity, trust and the highest standards of professional ethics. By adopting new models for the delivery of legal services, we have redefined the role that a law firm plays in an emerging regional market, which has produced truly exceptional results.

Possible Savings in the EU: New Study by the European Parliament Published

In December 2017, European Added Value Unit of the European Parliament published the Fourth edition of its report “Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe 2014-2019” (the “Study”).

EU Antitrust: Let’s (Not) Be Exclusive – Qualcomm Ruling

On January 24, the European Commission imposed a EUR 997 million fine on the world’s largest supplier of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) baseband chipsets, Qualcomm, and once again unequivocally confirmed that abusive market practices by dominant players were the eyesore of the EU competition law.  By levying one of the highest fines in history, the Commission reproached the renowned US chipmaker for making financial concessions to Apple, its biggest customer, on the condition that it would buy LTE baseband chipsets exclusively from Qualcomm.  This penalty came as one piece of puzzle currently surrounding the American tech giant – Qualcomm lost a battle on one front, but it remains to be seen who will eventually win the war.

Spotlight on IT Companies Part II – Alterations of the Software

In our previous piece (link), we discussed the relationship between IT companies and developers in the field of material copyrights over computer programs (“software”) in context of commercial usage of software by IT companies. However, the relationship between IT companies and developers in the field of copyrights might be of particular importance when it comes to amendments, adaptations, adjustments and other changes to the software as a copyrighted work. Namely, IT companies often modify, customize, upgrade and/or update software developed by their employed developers and/or external developers, or deliver the subject software to their clients for further modifications, customizations, adaptations, adjustments and other changes to the delivered software in accordance with their particular needs and technical requirements, most often without any restrictions, imposed either by the IT company that delivered the software, or by the developers who directly worked on the development of that particular software.

Non-Material Damage to Legal Entities – How It Manifests and How It Is Compensated?

Law is not a perfect system.  In other words, given that the legislation of any given country is tasked with regulating a vast and varied specter of areas, it not uncommon for issues to surface that either are void of regulation, or governed by a multitude of rules simultaneously, albeit differently.  Namely, applying rules to particular “real-life” situations may unearth certain issues that are not regulated clearly enough i.e. that are disputed, while some of them snowball due to the frequency with which they arise. Undoubtedly, one such issue is the right of legal entities to compensation of non-material damage on the ground of commercial defamation.

Gecić Law Contributes to the first ever Serbia chapter of the Transnational Litigation Guide

We are excited to announce that Gecić Law, contributed to the first-ever Serbia chapter of Transnational Litigation Guide, December 2017 update.

Andrijana Ristić


Andrijana Ristić is an associate at Gecić Law.

Prior to joining the firm, Andrijana completed an internship at the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade.  During the course of her studies, she took part in numerous study groups at the Faculty of Law, and was commended by the Faculty  for achieving  excellent success in studying and acquiring knowledge for each academic year.  Andrijana was awarded a scholarship for the best students in Serbia from the Fund for Young Talents “Dositeja” by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia (in 2016/17), the scholarship for exceptionally gifted students by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia(2015/16), as well as the scholarship  from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia for the year 2014/15.

Andrijana earned her LL.B. degree  at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law in 2017, as one of the top students in her class.  She is currently pursuing an LL.M. in International Law at the same Faculty.  She is fluent in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian, and has elementary knowledge of German.

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