06 Nov, 2019

Miluša Okiljević promoted to a Counsel position in our EU Law & Competition team

Dear Clients & Friends,

Gecić Law is thrilled to announce the promotion of Miluša Okiljević to a Counsel position in our unrivalled EU Law & Competition team.  A Counsel designation is one of the firm’s highest for senior lawyers with substantial expertise in a particular legal practice.

Miluša’s promotion is an accurate reflection of the strength and constant improvement of our practice, the abundance of the firm’s homegrown talent, and our ongoing professional advancement.

Miluša joined Gecić Law three years ago, and by virtue of her aptitude, proactivity and hard work, she has advanced gradually through very responsible positions in the EU Law & Competition department.  Miluša specializes in complex proceedings before the European Commission, the Energy Community, and national competition authorities in EU trade, regulatory and antitrust/ State aid matters.  Her experience includes successful representation of EPS Distribution, the leading regional electricity distribution operator, where Miluša along with the rest of the team, successfully overturned the largest fine ever levied by the Serbian NCA.  Miluša is currently representing a number of clients before the European Commission and national authorities, including the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Etihad/Air Serbia, FCA, Gazprom, and many others.

Alongside the wealth of knowledge and proven skills that Miluša brings to the EU Law & Competition team, she also stands out for her exceptional work ethics and passionate commitment to delivering a first-class service to our clients.  Miluša is also renowned for her team leadership qualities and active role in the firm’s Pro Bono activities. 

We truly look forward to Miluša Okiljević’s continued success and kindly invite you to join us in wishing her the best of luck in her new role.