ESG will impact the economies of the Western Balkans and other EU trade partners quicker than businesses currently realize. On the international front, the UN and the EU are urging companies and investors to always consider ESG policies and the long-term value they create. Additionally, investors, employees, customers, governments, and other stakeholders want to see ESG principles in play in business. Gecić Law’s full-scope ESG practice supports sustainable development by providing legal advice to numerous businesses in the region, in order to:

  • Avoid ESG risks
  • Comply with the newest reporting standards
  • Implement ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles in their corporate governance

Each of these three letters represents an essential factor in modern business and company performance.

Environmental ("E") standards address the increasingly significant impact of a company on the environment. Environmental factors include the rational use of energy, carbon emissions, waste management, and the use of natural resources.

Our Services

Gecić Law team stands at the forefront of delivering sustainable and green solutions, tailoring strategies that not only align with ethical commitments but also drive financial growth. We have extensive experience in the renewable energy projects and waste management compliance, guiding our clients from conception to project completion and ensuring they remain ahead of regulatory curves.

Within the Environmental aspect of ESG, CBAM is a critical subject that has gained momentum over the past year and will be crucial for all non-EU firms.

How to comply with ESG standards?

Gecić Law will leverage its unparalleled expertise in EU Law, combined with robust business acumen, to equip you for:

  • Benchmarking - comparing your current practices against ESG standards and peer performance
  • Developing an ESG Strategy - creating a long-term strategy, while determining which environmental, social, and governance criteria are most relevant to your company
  • Engaging Stakeholders – actively informing, updating, educating, and training all relevant stakeholders on your ESG performance, risks, and opportunities
  • Performance Tracking - monitoring your progress towards short-term and long-term objectives for ESG compliance

Our Team

Gecić Law, widely recognized for its ESG Practice, is proud to be one of the few law firms in the region with extensive experience advising the public and private sectors on numerous particular and complex issues in the region. For more information, please contact our legal team who will assist you on further details.

Bogdan Gecić

Founder & Managing Partner

Ognjen Colić

Partner | Head of Corporate / M&A

Nemanja Sladaković

Senior Associate

Milica Novaković