Gecić Law encourage associates to take responsibility for their career development needs, whilst providing them with the support they need to do this.

We are dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.  Therefore, our candidates should have strong academic credentials and excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills. We are committed to developing exceptional lawyers, and investing in our associates.  Gecić Law affords associates the opportunity to apply their time and talents toward resolving important and challenging legal matters while working in a collaborative environmental alongside colleagues with diverse skills and backgrounds and a shared commitment to excellence.

Our associates have the opportunity to cover a wide variety of subjects and issues during a two years period.  Associates are also involved in real work with interesting clients from day one, gaining international experience through the work on multi-jurisdictional matters and with people from all around the world.

Besides a great possibility for career development, Gecić Law offers a positive working environment, strong platform and commitment of senior lawyers in developing of associate’s career path.