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Too Big to (anti) Trust? The Competition Carol of the Big 4 in the UK

As recent events suggest, the harmony and tranquility of the most wonderful time of the year in the UK audit market, dominated by the Big Four[1], is soon to be interrupted.

Yes, We Can! Reversing Brexit is a Viable Option under Lisbon Treaty [EU Law]!

The former Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, also known as “Boris Johnson”, was sitting on his chair in front of his laptop on a rainy February day in 2016. He had two word files in front of him.

Jovana Kovačević

Office Assistant

Jovana Kovačević is an office assistant at Gecić Law in Belgrade.

Before joining team of Gecić Law, Jovana worked as journalist in media outlets B92 and Blic. For a while she was also personal assistant to editor-in-chief and director of B92 web site.  During her varied professional career Jovana wroked as personal assistant to Cosmopolitan magazine’s editor-in-chief, office manager in “Ehom” company (official Hyndai car-dealer) and personal assistant to CEO of Stage Talent Agency.

Jovana earned a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Department of Politicology.  She is fluent in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian.

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