09 Apr 2024

Bogdan Gecić Talks AI at Healthpharm 2024

Bogdan Gecić, the founding partner of Gecić|Law, took part today in the opening panel of the Healthpharm 2024 SEE Forum & Fair, to be held in Belgrade at the Chamber of Commerce from April 9-10, 2024, and at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Law on April 11, 2024.  The session titled “Western Balkans E-health and E-pharma: How to Use AI for Social Good?” delved into the power of artificial intelligence in healthcare and pharma, aiming to harness technology for the benefit of society.

How to Use AI for Social Good?

Bogdan made a significant contribution to the discourse.  He offered a captivating overview of the opportunities and challenges posed by artificial intelligence in life sciences applications.  He honed in on the legal dimensions of the field.  Moreover, he delivered an impassioned summary of the principles of responsible and trustworthy #AI for the betterment of humanity.  Through examples, he illustrated the best practices in this area, showcasing the potential of these new technologies.

Alongside Bogdan, other esteemed participants were also in the panel discussion.  Srđan Jovanović, VP of People at HTEC Group and CTO of HUMEDS, moderated the panel.  The introductory remarks were provided by Jelena Bojović, the Director of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia, setting the stage for a deep dive into the potential of AI for social good.  The panelists also included Jelena Đerisilo from IBM, and Milan Gospić, the Country Manager of Microsoft Serbia, offering a perspective from some of the world’s leading technology companies.  Bojan Kisić represented the Nites Group, bringing insights from the tech solution provider’s viewpoint.  Finally, Vukašin Radulović, the Director of the Health Alliance – NALED and Founder of companies Infolab and Heliant, shared his experiences in health policy, technology, and entrepreneurship.  The panel discussion also demonstrated the multidisciplinary effort required to advance healthcare through innovation.

About Healthpharm 2024

Healthpharm 2024 SEE Forum & Fair is a groundbreaking event that aims to fuse business, legal, tech, and life sciences, significantly impacting the Western Balkans’ healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.  The forum provides a vibrant arena for stakeholders to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends, and forge partnerships.

The conference attracted a diverse group of attendees and participants.  These include executives from medical facilities, heads of legal and compliance, public procurement officers, medical doctors, and pharmacists.  Additionally, the event features insightful talks from top-tier legal professionals, offering attendees invaluable insights into the most pressing issues.

The Healthpharm 2024 also spotlights the Western Balkans Common Market.  The initiative aims to stimulate economic growth within the region’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.  Moreover, addressing the issue of fake medicine distribution is an additional focal point of the event.  The conference aims to emphasize the importance of preserving product integrity and consumer safety through strict regulatory measures and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.