Ivan Eftimov

Business Development Manager

MBA in Marketing at Hofstra University in New York, USA | BBA at the BK University in Belgrade, Serbia

Ivan is a Business Development Manager at Gecić Law.

Ivan is a communications and marketing professional with more than twenty years of experience, working both for leading consultancies and corporations in Southeast Europe and the Middle East. His experience includes the development and implementation of communication and commercial strategies in the FMCG, financial services, pharmaceutical, healthcare, non-profit, and public sectors. He has built a track record of helping bring to life new products and ventures, successfully leading functional and multidisciplinary teams in their implementation with full responsibility for results. He has managed outreach programs in emerging markets, culturally sensitive and complex stakeholder environments. 

Ivan earned his BBA degree at BK University in Belgrade. He is a Ron Brown Fellow and holds an MBA degree in marketing with distinction from the Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University in New York, USA. Ivan is fluent in English, Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin), Macedonian, Bulgarian, and Portuguese.