10 Jun 2024

Is It Time to Reconsider Nuclear Energy in Serbia?

In recent years, growing energy demands and environmental concerns have brought nuclear energy back into focus.  Its importance lies in producing large amounts of energy while emitting fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuels.  As countries seek sustainable energy solutions, many are turning to nuclear power.  However, despite its benefits, nuclear energy faces legal barriers in several countries, including Australia, Austria, Denmark, and Serbia. Why is nuclear energy banned in Serbia? In 1989, SFR Yugoslavia passed the Nuclear Power Plants Construction Ban Act, which Serbia later inherited.  This act was a response to the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, then part of […]

23 May 2024

The Council of Europe Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law

The Council of Europe has adopted the world’s first international convention on artificial intelligence (“AI”) titled “Council of Europe Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law” (“Convention”), marking a significant step towards regulating AI technologies.  The Convention is legally binding.  Consequently, it ensures AI systems respect human rights, democracy, and the rule of law throughout their lifecycle.  It includes provisions for transparency, accountability, and independent oversight, addressing potential risks and promoting responsible AI innovation. The Convention aims to create a balanced framework that encourages technological advancement while safeguarding fundamental freedoms and democratic values.  […]

17 May 2024

Serbia Proposes Tax Amendments to Encourage Food Donation and Reduce Waste

A recent initiative has emerged in Serbia, proposing amendments to the Value Added Tax Act with a dual purpose: encouraging food donations and combating food waste.  These proposed changes carry significant implications, not only for the economy but also for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. The Proposal The proposed amendments present a strong possibility to tackle food waste by incentivizing surplus food donations from legal entities involved in food production or sales.  By exempting such donations from Value Added Tax (VAT), the initiative aims to eliminate financial barriers that often deter businesses from contributing excess food to social and […]

15 May 2024

CBAM: First Informal Expert Group Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the informal Expert Group on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) took place online on April 23, 2024.  Hosted by the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), the meeting marked the beginning of a collaborative effort to guide the implementation of CBAM during its transitional phase and the definitive period, which is set to commence on January 1, 2026.  The expert group comprises representatives from EU Member States, industry associations, NGOs, civil society, observers from third countries and international organizations. The session began with a welcome from DG TAXUD, acknowledging the participants’ commitment to […]

13 May 2024

Major Win in Premier League BiH Broadcasting Rights Antitrust Case for Arena Channels Group

Gecić Law is pleased to announce yet another legal victory, in collaboration with Marić & Co Law Firm, in a critical antitrust case in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina has fully rejected the claim submitted by Telemach BH d.o.o. (“Telemach”) which alleged that Telekomunikacije Republike Srpske a.d. (“Mtel”), BH Telecom a.d. (“BH Telecom”), and Arena Channels Group d.o.o. (“ACG”) had violated competition law in broadcasting of the Bosnian national football league – the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Premier League BiH”).  On April 26, 2024, the Competition Council ruled that Mtel, ACG, and BH […]

08 May 2024

Are Architects Receiving the Credit They Are Entitled To?

Introduction Serbia’s real estate sector has become a notable part of the economy, accounting for 5.5% of the GDP.  Moreover, the economic slowdown has not affected the sector significantly.  In fact, new developments are on the rise, continuously changing communities and lifestyles.  Although investors clearly are fueling this expansion, the architects often are not acknowledged sufficiently.  This article focuses on their role in the construction boom, exploring the level of recognition they receive and the protection of their intellectual property rights. Adherence and Integrity of Design for Architects Architects are central to the compliance and design integrity of construction projects.  […]

02 May 2024

Regulatory Pathways: Medicine Marketing Authorization in Serbia and the EU

Introduction to Medicine Marketing Authorization The pharmaceutical industry ranks among the most profitable sectors globally.  In 2023, its estimated global value reached USD 1.6 trillion.  This industry also plays a crucial societal role, given the importance of medicines and public health. Consequently, it faces strict regulations. This article explores the conditions for marketing medicines in Serbia.  It also highlights regulatory similarities between Serbia and the European Union in this area. Obtaining a Marketing Authorization in Serbia To address this question, we first need to define what a medicine is.  A medicine is a marketable product characterized by specific strength, pharmaceutical […]

30 Apr 2024

Gecić Law Celebrates TAG Alliances’ 25th Anniversary

Gecić Law is delighted to honor an important milestone for TAG Alliances, as the elite global network marks its remarkable 25th anniversary.  As the exclusive member of TAGLaw for Montenegro and Serbia, we celebrate a quarter-century of excellence and innovation in global cooperation in legal services.  We look forward to the historic 50th International Conference in Nashville, which will mark the official commemoration of the anniversary. The History of TAG Alliances TAG Alliances originated in 1999, when founder Peter Appleton Jones established an alliance of law firms known as TAGLaw.  That same year, ten innovative law firms started collaborating at […]

26 Apr 2024

ESG Adria Summit 2024: Driving Action for Sustainable Development

The ESG Adria Summit 2024, held in Tivat, Montenegro, successfully concluded its two-day agenda, leaving attendees enriched with insights on sustainable practices and technological innovations aimed at a sustainable future.  This year’s theme, “Act Now for a Sustainable Tomorrow,” underscored the urgency of adopting strategies that align with ESG principles. Day 1 Highlights: AI at the Forefront of Sustainability The summit kicked off with powerful opening remarks from local dignitaries and ESG leaders.  This set the stage for a series of discussions that intertwined sustainability with pioneering technologies and policies.  Sessions on renewable energy funding and sustainable urban futures ensued.  […]

25 Apr 2024

The European Critical Raw Materials Act Signed

The European Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) was formally signed by the co-legislators, the European Council, and the European Parliament today.  The Act will enter into force 20 days after publication in the EU Official Journal. Introduction to the European Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and escalating geopolitical tensions, securing access to essential resources has become a priority for nations worldwide.  The European Union, recognizing the strategic necessity of ensuring a sustainable and secure supply of critical raw materials (CRMs), has adopted the European Critical Raw Materials Act.  This legislative framework is […]