06 Nov, 2019

Miluša Okiljević promoted to a Counsel position in our EU Law & Competition team

Dear Clients & Friends, Gecić Law is thrilled to announce the promotion of Miluša Okiljević to a Counsel position in our unrivalled EU Law & Competition team.  A Counsel designation is one of the firm’s highest for senior lawyers with substantial expertise in a particular legal practice. Miluša’s promotion is an accurate reflection of the strength and constant improvement of our practice, the abundance of the firm’s homegrown talent, and our ongoing professional advancement. Miluša joined Gecić Law three years ago, and by virtue of her aptitude, proactivity and hard work, she has advanced gradually through very responsible positions in the […]

31 Oct, 2019

All for One and One for All! – Antitrust Class Action: Part I

We all love to see the famous musketeer whoop, as a true stalwart of modern society.  Notwithstanding a reality check which may be otherwise, it does not necessarily mean that society is not continually aiming to reverse such “otherwise” state of affairs. Is it really: every man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost?  … even before the eerie courts? Well, fortunately not always. Casting an eye over justice systems around the world, one bumps into something called class action, or collective redress.  In common law systems, with the United States as their standard-bearer, class action is currently in […]

25 Oct, 2019

Ognjen Colić in a panel discussion at the Winter Vivaldi CFO Forum 2019

It is our great pleasure to announce that our Senior Counsel Ognjen Colić will be a panelist at the Winter Vivaldi CFO & LEGAL Forum, which will take place from 27th to 29th November 2019 in Mokra Gora. This year’s Forum will focus on Financial and Legal Security topics. Speakers and panelists of various profiles and industry sectors will present some of the major challenges and risks faced by companies. Ognjen Colić will participate in the closing panel discussion named “How to Avoid the Balkan Spy Scenario”*, where alongside other colleagues from the legal sector he will take an in-depth […]

15 Oct, 2019

The Agency Employment Bill- strengthening the rights of “leased” employees or the ultimate downfall of the working class?

The International Labor Organization Convention No. 181 on Private Employment Agencies, dating back to 1997, as one of the main reasons for passing the Convention cites recognition of the role of private employment agencies in the functioning of the labor market, as well as the need to provide employees with protection from abuse and guarantee freedom of association and enhancing social dialogue.  On 20 February 2013, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted legislation ratifying the Convention, bearing in mind that strengthening social dialogue at all levels is, inter alia, one of the requirements of Chapter 19 (Social […]

09 Oct, 2019

Social Media Giant Faces Scrutiny: Facebook Challenged

Is bad stronger than good? It is a fact that people are far more inclined to remember negative criticism or comments, than praise.  It takes so many positive events to make amends for just one negative event. The Court of Justice of the European Union issued a Press release on October 3, concerning judgement in the case in which Mme Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek sued Facebook Ireland before the Austrian courts.  She requested the removal of the notably harmful comment by a Facebook user which Austrian courts found insulting and defaming.   The news immediately hit the headlines! The plain and simple truth […]

10 Sep, 2019

The Singapore Convention – A Sisyphean Task or a Beginning of a (R)evolution?

Singapore – the Ceremony At the beginning of August, the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (the “Convention”) was signed in Singapore.  The Convention signed by 46 states shall enter into force 6 months as from ratification in at least three signatory parties. The primary concern addressed by the Convention is how to motivate companies involved in cross-border projects and transactions to rely on the mediation process as a means of alternative dispute resolution, bearing in mind that it cut costs both in terms of time and material resources. Application and Benefits of the Convention The […]


Be it for Better, be it for Worse – the New State Aid Control Act is Coming!

Alea iacta est! Serbia is in line for a new State Aid Control Act. Ten years ago, when enacted, the first (and still the only) act was welcomed as a long-awaited and indispensable piece of legislation.  Today, and following ten-years’ implementation, we are about to get a new one. What lessons have we drawn from implementation of the current act (apart from the fact that we need a new one)? The reasons for adopting a new act, according to its drafters, are as follows: Harmonization with the EU acquis – Well, that’s a turn-up for the books!  Can you think […]

19 Aug, 2019

One Step Closer to Effective State Aid Enforcement: New Notice on Recovery of Illegal State Aid

On July 22, 2019, the European Commission (“Commission”) reported that it has adopted a new Notice on the Recovery of Unlawful and Incompatible State Aid (the “New Notice”), in order to take stock of the Commission’s decisional-practice and case law of the Union courts. The New Notice came about as a result of a public consultation targeting main stakeholders such as public authorities, citizens, companies and organizations.  Member States and the EFTA Surveillance Authority also contributed to the document. Compared to the previous 2007 Recovery Notice, the New Notice explains in greater detail how the Commission may assist Member States when implementing recovery […]

15 Aug, 2019

“We are the champions, my friend!” Serbia tops 2019 GFDI Performance Index

Every country in the world strives to attract as much foreign investment as possible.  And when it comes to foreign investment, greenfield investments are where it’s at. “Ah, yes, greenfield investments…yup, they’re great…nice…and green…like dollars…alright, I’ve no idea, enlighten me! someone may say. Greenfield investments (GI) refer to a type of foreign direct investment (FDI) where a parent company establishes a subsidiary in a foreign country, building its operations and facilities from the ground up, which includes the building of new distribution hubs, offices and living quarters. This kind of investment is riskier and calls for a heavy commitment of […]

06 Aug, 2019

Amendments to the Enforcement and Security Interest Act: Third time’s the charm!

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia recently passed the Enforcement and Security Interest (Amendment) Act (“Act”) which is set to be enacted on August 3, 2019 and come into force as of January 1, 2020.  The Act contains a series of amendments to address shortcomings and resolve issues that have arisen in practice, and to ring the changes with the introduction of electronic filing of motions for enforcement, an electronic bulletin board, electronic public auctions, expedited enforcement proceedings etc.  However, much controversy surrounds the fact that Article 170 prescribes that the Act shall come into force as of […]