23 Mar, 2020

Bogdan Gecić becomes member of the prestigious Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC)

“Aim to make a difference, a dent in the universe and don’t settle for anything less. Always be innovative and creative – those are the key things that always generate true added value.”   This attitude, inspired by the words of the legendary Steve Jobs, is what led Bogdan Gecić, the founder of Gecić Law, to be recently chosen to be one of only 400 members of the prestigious Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC). The YEC is a global invitation-only, US-based community of entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 45, who have made major impact in diverse industries and sectors. […]

06 Mar, 2020

Amendments to the Cadaster Registry Act – additional benefits for the parties

On 24 February 2020 the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Registry of Real Estate, Overhead Lines and Underground Ducts (Registration Procedure) Amendment Act (“Registration Procedure Act”).  The amendments will enter into force on 3 March 2020, while certain provisions shall apply as from 31 March 2020. The main idea was to simplify the procedure before the Republic Ordnance Survey Authority. A key change concerns Article 39 of the Registration Procedure Act, which now stipulates that service of procedural documents to parties will be effected in the form of an electronic document via single electronic mailbox.  If […]

18 Feb, 2020

Milinko Mijatović panelist at the Annual Conference of the Association of Banks

It is our great pleasure to announce that Counsel and Head of Dispute Resolution, Milinko Mijatović, will be a panelist at the Regulatory Reform Of The Benchmark Interest Rate And The Quality Of Legal Representation conference, to be held on 12th and 13th March 2020 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. This conference, organized by the Association of Banks, will examine various topics regarding benchmark interest rate reform, current events in legal protection, and quality of legal representation, among others. Milinko Mijatović will participate in the panel reviewing quality of legal representation, where he will take an in-depth look at issues surrounding pre-trial preparation […]

10 Feb, 2020

Gecić Law Contributes to The TerraLex Cross-Border Tailored Guides for Clients

We are thrilled to announce that TerraLex has launched a new cross-border guides tool that offers clients access to invaluable overviews of various areas of law from multiple jurisdictions, with the ability to compare them. Gecić Law, together with RPC from UK, Schiff Hardin LLP from US, Hylands Law Firm from China, among other selected TerraLex members worldwide, contributed to the creation of these tailored guides.  Our leading experts provided input on Serbian legislation for the Pre-Merger Notification, Cross-Border Copyright and Tracing Assets Around the World guides. About TerraLex TerraLex is a worldwide legal network which helps member firms serve […]

27 Jan, 2020

The UK’s CMA: Facebook and eBay to Tackle Fake Reviews

We don our Facebook spyglass once again.  However, unlike the last time it was on our radar, Facebook is now a model co-operator. With the goal of putting their products and services on the map, and bringing home the bacon, many users on social media and other online platforms have been involved in trading fake and misleading reviews as a way of reaching their selling point.  The thing is, Facebook and eBay users have been using word-of-mouth marketing to go viral.  Creating a buzz around your product/service is certainly what sells in this digital age. Good for them!  What is […]

24 Jan, 2020

Brexit Up and Running

“Saying goodbye to everyone at a party and then proceeding to stick around“ – meaning of Brexiting as branded by the Urban dictionary to describe a specific social faux pas.  Though, as of today, it represents an expression not very up-to-date.  Namely, a Press release has been launched showing that in Brussels, Presidents of the European Council Charles Michel and of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen signed the Agreement on the Withdrawal of the UK.  The EU Parliament’s plenary is on the move with holding a vote on the agreement which is on the agenda for January 29.  […]

24 Jan, 2020

Enforcement Orders Now Available On Court E-Bulletin Boards

On 1 January 2020, Serbia rolled out its first court electronic bulletin board service, giving enforcement creditors and enforcement debtors online access to orders and other procedural documentation, which the court or public bailiff failed to serve on them personally. The Ministry of Justice of Republic of Serbia in cooperation with USAID Rule of Law Project has made it possible to post enforcement orders and other procedural documentation online, while also giving parties to enforcement proceedings access to information about their enforcement proceedings. The service of written documents and decisions is a key element of civil court proceedings.  Consequently, rules […]

22 Jan, 2020

Ognjen Colić enlisted by World Bank as a Local Expert for the Agriculture Law

It is our great pleasure to announce that our Senior Counsel Ognjen Colić participated in the World Bank’s “Enabling the Business of Agriculture in Serbia 2019” by providing the World Bank’s Agriculture team with responses to an exhaustive legal questionnaire addressing key legal matters for businesses and individuals intending to invest in or expand their investments in agriculture in Serbia. As a token of appreciation of Ognjen’s contribution to the project and the Serbian agriculture law expertise he and his team provided, he has been enlisted by the World Bank as one of a select few local agricultural law experts. […]

16 Jan, 2020

The Nikola Spasić Endowment – once larger than the Nobel Fund, today donates hundreds of thousands of euros

The Endowment of the great Serbian national benefactor, Nikola Spasić, maintains a long-standing tradition of financially rewarding the best students from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. In 2019, the Endowment donated approximately € 300,000 to charity. A total of 13 students with outstanding grade averages from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture were awarded. Congratulations to all the award winners, and kudos to the Nikola Spasić Foundation Board for this exceptional charitable gesture. About the Nikola Spasić Endowment Nikola Spasić was a prominent Serbian businessman of the 19th century, President of the Belgrade […]

13 Jan, 2020

Arbitral Dispute Resolution – Serious competitor to State Judiciary?

Defining arbitration There is no universally accepted definition of arbitration as a way of resolving disputes. Attempts have been made to define it, albeit unsuccessfully.  Defining it is mission impossible owing to its multifaceted characteristics, and is only exacerbated by the existence of domestic, and international arbitration. Primarily, to grasp the essence of arbitration, it should be noted that this is an alternative mechanism of resolving disputes, therefore, without recourse to courts of law.  The parties at odds can go to court and initiate litigation.  Alternatively, arbitration is another avenue for settling the dispute.  Arbitration is not only reserved for […]