22 Jan 2021

The WhatsApp Case: The Love & Hate Relationship between Big Tech and Data Protection

Is there another earthshattering change in the tech sector that will be making headlines for the next few weeks?  Tech behemoths have certainly kept journalists and bloggers on their toes lately due to many recent dramatic changes and major decisions.  WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, wanted to go the whole nine yards to become the most successful messaging and calls application, so its executives have quite recently reached a decision to update its privacy policy.  As it rolled out the latest updates for Android and iOS, the internet exploded with claims that this encrypted messaging app, whose major selling […]

19 Jan 2021

Act on Digital Assets – creating a new market

Digital assets. A somewhat contradictory notion, but for a short period of time, the digital assets managed to put to question the millennial legal perception of assets as something purely material. And that would not be so interesting if it were not for the digital assets’ ability to financially transform into-money. Mining and cryptocurrencies have been filling newspaper columns for years now and first thing that catches the eye is their monetary value. Behind these terms is a legally unregulated business creating significant fortune for individuals who, as simple as it gets, just sit in front of a computer. As […]

04 Jan 2021

Amazon- One of “The Biggest Deals” for EU’s Antitrust Practice

Unbelievable numbers: 840,000 employees, USD 280 billion in revenue for 2019, USD 11.5 billion profit (for the same year) and first centi-billionaire owner ever.  Today, one of the biggest undertakings in global trade.  But, on the other side, one of “The Biggest Deals” for the EU, ever.  We bring you a story of to-ings and fro-ings between Amazon and the EU Commission. Short Recap Rewind to July 17, 2019.  On that day, the Commission opened an investigation into possible anti-competitive conduct by Amazon.  More precisely, an investigation was opened to assess whether Amazon’s use of sensitive data from independent retailers […]

29 Dec 2020

Trading Water – a 21st century inevitability or a cause for concern?

If you think you have seen “everything” in 2020, well, think again!  This is the year that sees water traded on the stock exchange for the first time ever.  News from Wall Street that water is to be traded on the stock exchange spread quickly and overshadowed a raft of other, important financial stories. This December the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, the CME Group, launched futures contracts tied to the spot price of water in California, a market of $ 1.1 billion.  The very concept of trading water inevitably gives us all pause for thought about the reasons for […]

16 Dec 2020

PayPal expands its services to cryptocurrencies

After many years of speculations on its interest in cryptocurrencies, this year PayPal finally announced that it will enable its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as to safe keep them in crypto wallets on their accounts.  With the money from the sale of cryptocurrencies, users may freely buy goods and services. PayPal, the American company whose main business activity is the provision of payment services related to electronic money, has been long present in the payment services market.  PayPal is not a bank, because it does not use the funds of the users for its own needs, […]

15 Dec 2020

Filming in Serbia – a League of Artists, Businessmen, State Aid, Belgrade Architecture and James Bond

One Belgrade University professor used to say that cinematography is an arranged marriage which marries investors and intellectual creators/artists. We respectfully disagree with that statement – the “marriage” is missing a legal professional. Media law is a broad area that could, in some segments, include almost every branch of law – intellectual property, state aid, competition, company & commercial law, criminal law, human rights law, etc.  With this bulletin focusing on filming in Serbia, we are going to cover two of the most relevant issues for the film industry.  The first one is creators’ copyrights and producers’ right to economic […]

14 Dec 2020

We are hiring a BD Manager

Gecić Law is pursuing competent and experienced Business Development Manager to join our young, talented, diverse, and dynamic team, the winner of the prestigious The Lawyer European Award 2020 for the Law firm of the year: Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Are you ready to join one of the foremost innovative law firms in Serbia, truly committed to building long-term relationships with clients, striving to achieve exceptional results by adopting creative models for the delivery of legal services? What we are looking for: • Bachelor’s degree (advanced degree or MBA is a plus) • Minimum 3 years of experience in a communication/business development […]

07 Dec 2020

Freelancers & taxes: not for free?

As much as the rise of new technologies and novel business models has shown as inevitable in the past few decades, so has the payment of taxes. Most taxpayers operating in the Republic of Serbia are aware of their obligation to pay taxes and contributions. However, questions arise for those who work and earn abroad through new and increasingly complex business models (although physically residing mostly in Serbia), and may not be aware that they have to pay taxes and contributions, and should report to the Tax Office. The precipitous rise in the number of new types of creatives and […]

28 Nov 2020

The Lawyer Awards 2020: Gecić Law Amongst Europe’s Competition & Antitrust Elite

Gecić Law’s innovation, drive and perseverance in pushing the envelope ever further, were once again recognized at the very highest level, by The Lawyer, a leading global legal magazine. This year, we entered Europe’s exclusive legal playoffs and were honored to be shortlisted for The Lawyer European Awards in two competitive categories, of which one is Europe-wide: European competition or antitrust team of the year – Top Five category, where we entered again the revered playoffs, neck and neck with the best competition and antitrust teams from the whole of Europe (without the UK). Law firm of the year: Eastern […]

23 Nov 2020

Are Major High-Tech Companies “Skirting the Law” in Serbia Regarding Personal Data Protection?

Although it has been more than a year since the new Personal Data Protection Act (“Act”) entered into force in Serbia, some of its provisions are not yet fully applicable.  One clear-cut example is Article 44 of the Act, which requires foreign companies (therefore those who does not have a registered business seat in Serbia) to appoint a Personal Data Protection Representative for Serbia (“Representative”). Who is the Representative? This provision, (as well as the majority of the Act’s provisions), was adopted from Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and refers to any personal data controller and […]