25 Nov 2022

Bogdan Gecić and Ognjen Colić speak with B92

We were recently entered the finals in four categories for The Lawyer European Awards 2022 and became one of the most nominated law firms in the whole of Europe! As last year’s winner, Gecić Law was nominated for Law firm of the Year: South East Europe, a 150 million strong market, and entered the finals with three of its practice area teams for impressive achievements in competition, corporate and litigation, standing shoulder to shoulder with the crème de la crème of the entire continent. Gecić Law received the most nominations among this year’s contenders across all of Europe – an unprecedented feat any law firm in the region has ever achieved.

The news attracted the interest of media. Representatives of our Corporate Law practice, Founding Partner Bogdan Gecić and Partner Ognjen Colić, spoke the business section of renowned news portal B92 about the achievement and presented our practice in this area.

“Innovation is about constant learning and discovery of new areas and services that are in tune with the modern age and the needs of clients and the economy. Topics that are significant today did not even exist until a few years ago. What distinguishes our work is that we look at the legal situation from multiple angles, including the applicability of EU law in the context of international trade, which is implemented in the region through Stabilization and Association Agreements, which is not the usual practice of other offices in local markets.,” said Bogdan Gecić.

“Nowadays we are very active in the areas of the green agenda and digital assets, where we advise our clients in the country and the region on the latest EU laws, how their application may affect their businesses, and what they need to do to adapt. ….Therefore, our added value is reflected in the desire to provide clients with a new perspective and alternative solutions for the latest needs of their business. This is how we build trust and long-term relationships,” said Ognjen Colić.

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