21 Nov 2022

Bogdan Gecić Talks Competition Law with Florence University Students

Our Founding Partner Bogdan Gecić shared his significant knowledge and experience with law students at the esteemed University of Florence (ita. Università Degli Studi di Firenze) as a guest lecturer to a class led by Prof. Ettore M. Lombardi. Students had the opportunity to participate actively in an online two-part mini-course titled “Elements of Competition Law: An International Perspective.” Bogdan provided practical insights into the most exciting aspects of competition law in the context of EU law and how they relate to international trade.

Bogdan commented: ”I always enjoy speaking to students, and it was a great pleasure to hold the course at Università Degli Studi di Firenze. The students were very active and curious, and I am sure we will soon cross paths as fully formed-legal professionals. Competition law, EU law, and international trade issues are my passion and I loved bringing these areas closer to a group of excellent students. I am thankful to Prof. Ettore Lombardi for the opportunity, and I look forward to future lectures.”