25 Mar 2024

ESG Chat @ Gecić Law – ESG in the textile industry: sustainable business as a development imperative – Elvisa Koca, Eurotay

In our ongoing journey to illuminate the critical significance and far-reaching impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles across various industries, we proudly unveil the latest edition of our ESG Chat @ Gecić Law series of interviews.  In our new installment, we are thrilled to present a compelling dialogue with Elvisa Koca, Human Resources Manager at Eurotay in Serbia.  This insightful conversation takes us deep into the heart of the textile industry, offering profound insights.  It chiefly delves into how ESG considerations seamlessly integrate into the sector, influencing everything from production methods to corporate ethos.

Our guest has tremendous experience, a rich background, and an in-depth understanding of ESG considerations within the industry.  She, therefore, takes us through a myriad of challenges and significant victories in the field.  Through examples, she presents options for embedding ESG standards into the foundation of a company’s strategic vision.  From the intricate regulatory landscapes to innovative sustainability initiatives, this interview clearly highlights the essential considerations.  It simultaneously guides us through ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility from a practical perspective.  We delve in detail into the strategies that drive the sector’s commitment to sustainability.  Its markedly distinctive perspective offers a valuable lens through which to understand the complexities and opportunities of ESG.

This intriguing conversation explores examples of dedication and innovative strategies propelling the textile industry.  It thus offers a vision of a more sustainable and ethically conscious future.  Its insights serve as a compelling guide, illustrating the tangible impact of ESG principles and their integration into long-term business strategies and everyday operations.  As we journey through the enlightening discussion, we uncover the delicate balance between achieving commercial success and fulfilling ESG commitments.

ESG in the Textile Industry – read the Full Interview

Join us as we explore the nuanced ways this industry is navigating the demands of sustainability, growth, and responsibility.  Please click here to access the full interview, learn more, and gain unique insights into how ESG practices shape the textiles industry’s future.