14 Dec 2022

Gecić Law and Manpower select winners of Empower IT competition

The final evening of the Empower IT contest was held last night at the Startit Center in Belgrade.  Manpower organized the competition in cooperation with Gecić Law, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, FONIS, Levi9, and TPA Serbia .  The finalists had the opportunity to present their projects again to the jury, who then voted and announced the competition’s winner.  The winning team was 3 Pixels which won a prize of 150,000 dinars for their project Check and Connect.

The Empower IT competition allowed young IT and business experts to apply their knowledge and skills to solve specific IT problems and win prizes.  The goal is to select innovative solutions that have the potential to generate income for the humanitarian partner organization, the Center for Youth Integration.

The project teams of final-year students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering had the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their business network during the selection process, which will benefit them in their careers.

The teams also had a unique opportunity to go through the selection process with expert mentors who received important advice and practical help.

Member of the Empower IT jury Hristina Kosec, Head of Operations at Gecić Law said: “We have supported innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of young talent since our establishment as a key part of our core values.  We were very excited to respond to the invitation to support the competition in cooperation with Manpower and were happy to share our knowledge and experience to help the participants successfully perform at the competition and compete for their ideas in real-life conditions.  My heartiest congratulations to the winners, and I can’t wait to see their ideas put into practice.”