03 Dec 2021

Bogdan Gecić talks competition at Winter Vivaldi Forum

Bogdan Gecić, the founding partner at Gecić Law, spoke today at the winter edition of the prestigious Vivaldi Forum which traditionally takes place in Drvengrad, on the picturesque Mokra Gora mountain. His thought-provoking presentation titled “Sufficient Light: The Market and Competition”, delivered as part of the “Vivaldi Talks: Fertile Grounds for Growth” segment of the conference showed a fresh and unconventional perspective on the importance of fair competition for growth and development on the market, capturing the interest and sparking discussion among the delegates attending the event and numerous other participants who followed the session online.

“Competition is a natural phenomenon, intrinsic not only to human beings but all life on Earth. Competition protection, however, is artificial and was created by us to maintain a fair balance in markets.  As is the case in nature, not all dominance is evil, but the abuse of dominant position in markets is harmful as it stifles efficiency, innovation, quality and choice. And this adversely affects all market participants – suppliers, customers, consumers – including the dominant firm, itself”, said Gecić. “That is why an important role of all participants, including governments and regulatory bodies, is to promote and cultivate fair competition, even though there are differences in what this means and how it is addressed in different markets – the US, the EU, Serbia and elsewhere.”

Organized by the Mokra Gora School of Management, the Vivaldi Forum brings together experts, industry leaders and professionals four times a year during each of the seasons. This year’s edition of the Winter Vivaldi Forum, which was organized in a hybrid setting, took place between December 1-3 and saw more than 150 on-site participants. Titled “Das Kapital”, the main issues discussed at the forum were the contemporary notion of capital, how it is created, maintained and developed.  Leading experts and entrepreneurs spoke about these issues from the perspective of various industry sectors.