17 Mar 2023

Our Senior Associate Miloš Petaković on Bloomberg Adria

Our Senior Associate Miloš Petaković had a live guest appearance in the afternoon Zoom In program on Bloomberg Adria TV last week. As part of a panel of experts, he was invited to comment on the new proposal to amend and supplement the Serbian Planning and Construction Act and clarify the proposed changes, mainly as they apply to businesses and the economy.

Miloš explained the importance of the changes in the treatment of land conversion and related charges.  These are set to resolve a long-standing issue that has been an obstacle for many businesses.  The changes are expected to open new opportunities in construction and real estate, as estimates show that nearly 5000 hectares of land could be unlocked for different commercial and other projects.

Miloš also spoke of the proposed changes that promote green building.  He explained that this is a clear signal that the draft is closely aligned with the current and broadly followed trends in modern office buildings and industrial real estate.  He also pointed out that this was an opportunity to place greater focus on promoting these principles in the broader private housing segment, where there is a lower awareness of the importance of green building.

Click here to see the entire segment (in Serbian).