22 Sep 2022

Ognjen Colić Talks ESG at Forum Media Event

Our Partner and Head of Corporate M&A practice Ognjen Colić delivered an inspiring lecture about the latest in sustainable development and ESG, focusing on the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the practice of greenwashing in corporate non-financial reporting. Ognjen gave the attendants a comprehensive overview of these hot topics using examples and anecdotes from his rich experience in the field. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session and lively discussion on the topics.

Ognjen explained the genesis of CBAM, its planned roll-out and its potential ramifications for businesses in Serbia.  He also spoke about the consequences of greenwashing through examples of how this unlawful practice is increasingly under scrutiny by watchdogs worldwide.

As Ognjen said, “Measures such as the CBAM are there to support enterprises around the world to incorporate the green way of doing business into their strategies which will help them to remain competitive in the long term. So CBAM helps set the scene for a world where being green is not only a ‘nice‘ move but one that fundamentally makes good business sense.”

Ognjen’s talk was part of a three-day seminar on sustainability, hosted by renowned international publishing and education giant Forum Media. The program was attended by professionals coming from a wide array of Serbian businesses, including SMEs and large enterprises.