A field as dynamic and growing in significance as Privacy & Data Protection requires a thorough knowledge of the respective mechanisms and a breadth of experience in the area. Our legal professionals’ profound understanding of the ever-growing needs of the industry and their multidisciplinary knowledge allows us to pride ourselves in being one of the most unique and versed teams on the market, advising on all regulatory and procedural matters.

Gecić Law is recognized as rendering forward-thinking legal advice in respect to a wide array of matters – personal data collection and keeping, procedures before the Privacy & Data Protection Commissioner, regulatory framework in respect to both Data Protection and related fields (communications, marketing, surveillance), data processors’ responsibilities and risks pertaining thereto, proceedings following a potential breach of said rules, all while liaising with the Data Protection Commissioner to our clients’ substantial benefit. Businesses in need of a sound and pragmatic response to Privacy & Data Protection issues, including multinationals, banks and startups, in virtually all industries, rely on the expertise of Gecić Law and trust us to adeptly handle their most subtle and specific Privacy & Data Protection matters.

Our Privacy & Data Protection team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Registration of records that contain personal data
  • Data transfer approval procedures
  • Data retention
  • Video surveillance
  • General Data Protection compliance