A comprehensive regulatory reform aimed at harmonizing domestic frameworks with the best global and European Union standards created a whole new set of challenges for businesses, public institutions and other organizations within the SEE region.  The emergence of this multifaceted new system of relationships between local and EU legislation and regulatory practices created a need for novel legal solutions that combine expert knowledge in both systems crucial for enabling each market participant to fairly compete in the regional markets.

By combining the truly international experience of our team with the intricate understanding of our clients’ most pressing needs, Gecić Law provides the necessary solutions through top-tier advice on optimizing regulatory exposure and overcoming administrative hurdles.  Understanding that even a minor legislative novelty can lead to notable practical consequences, our team insists on staying up-to-date with every development in both regional and international regulatory environments, ensuring that our clients are always well ahead of the curve.

Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Complex rules and regulations compliance
  • Governmental and EU procedures
  • Enforcement related issues
  • Representation before leading EU institutions
  • Applying for and obtaining of permits and licenses for doing business in sectors where this is a legal requirement (aviation, telecoms, pharma, energy)
  • All aspects of international trade
  • Labor issues