With the increasing global focus on public-private partnerships, public procurement procedures have been developing rapidly.  While maintaining transparency and a non-discriminatory approach, equal treatment and free competition must be guaranteed in all such procedures, in line with the EU procurement rules.  Therefore, anyone doing business in the Western Balkans must at all times consider these rules, given that multiple countries in the region are EU candidates and made commitments in this field of law.  Gecić Law’s experts are known for combining their knowledge of Serbian and EU law to ensure our clients can make the best possible business decisions.

We assist clients in handling the most sensitive issues and risks they may encounter in all aspects of procurement procedures, focusing on EU standards.  Hence, our legal professionals are always ready to provide comprehensive services to help clients throughout the entire tendering procedure.  Namely, the team at Gecić Law assesses risks related to the procedure, searches for legal remedies and looks into contract implementation.  With extensive practical knowledge of the EU framework, our lawyers advise companies and public authorities, assisting them in fulfilling their public procurement objectives.

Our Public Procurement team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Calls to bid
  • Negotiations in particular types of public procurement procedures
  • Claims arising from procurement procedures
  • Disputes regarding contract performance
  • Structuring and realization of public procurement procedures
  • Compliance with relevant local and EU laws