Within economic policy, fiscal policy remains a dynamic category that directly influences both small and large businesses.  Tax levies play a key role in business projections and planning, while tax considerations are essential for successful management.  In a growing economy, cooperation between tax administrations increases, making good knowledge of local and EU tax regulations essential for anyone wanting to expand their operations.  Countries in the Western Balkans are in the process of harmonizing their tax legislation with EU and OECD rules.  For example, Serbia ratified the OECD Convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters and reached double taxation agreements with 26 EU member states.  Therefore, businesses are continuously dealing with new rules in different areas, be it value-added tax, excise duties or corporate taxation.

Our well-rounded and EU-focused approach helps our clients achieve a positive long-term impact on their business.  Additionally, Gecić Law’s tax experts are always up to date on the latest legal tax issues and risks, including value-added tax, income tax and all tax-related procedures.  We have strong expertise on EU tax regulation compliance within the Western Balkans and tax policy coordination. Furthermore, our lawyers provide legal advice as well as consultancy services in relation to company taxes, cross-border investments, and complex financial transactions.

Our Tax team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Misdemeanor and criminal proceedings regarding tax liabilities
  • Legal tax risks
  • Tax administration proceedings
  • International tax
  • Transactional tax