Gecić Law’s multidisciplinary team of experienced defense lawyers and industry professionals provides world-class legal advice in White Collar.  We handle complex investigations, criminal proceedings and enforcement actions, involving cross-border matters and actions of international organizations, on behalf of a broad array of companies, organizations and individuals.  Our team helps clients navigate the dynamic regulatory environment in the Adria & Balkans region, at the intersection of the EU and accession jurisdictions.  Our White Collar Defense & Investigation team provides innovative, pragmatic and comprehensive solutions, considering a case’s legal and reputational aspects.  These have routinely included money laundering, corruption, corporate fraud and other matters.  Our work is supported by distinctive business intelligence teams that provide context and deliver results.  We also preventively advise businesses on compliance with the Balkans and the EU’s legal framework and criminal laws.

Our White Collar Defense & Investigations team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • International and cross-border investigations
  • Criminal defense
  • Financial fraud
  • Internal and regulatory investigations
  • Money laundering
  • Corporate crime risks
  • Corporate compliance programs