As regional governments continue the harmonization of legislation with the EU, businesses are required not only to comply with the existing legislation but also to anticipate future legislative developments.  Our Legislative & Governmental Affairs team helps clients navigate this increasingly complex legislative maze and ensure compliance with both domestic and EU legislation.

In addition, Gecić Law advises and develops strategies for clients on how to take a proactive role in the decision-making process of relevant legislative commissions.  By maintaining a good relationship with relevant institutions within regional governments, European Commission and the European Parliament, our lawyers remain at the cutting edge of legislative developments in the region and the EU.

Our practice includes a vast network of multidisciplinary experts from multiple jurisdictions that work in the best interest of our clients by drafting opinions and suggesting amendments to proposed legislation, as well as advocate and intervene on their behalf and at their behest in EU and regional legislative and policy development bodies.

We also specialize in reviewing and drafting privatization documentation, advising on bilateral, multilateral and regional trade, legislative tax practices and interpretation and potential ramifications of international and regional conventions and treaties.  This multidisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional collaboration creates an authentic breadth of expertise and sets a golden standard for the whole industry.