05 Apr 2023

Real Estate Development Guide Launched

The Novaston Real Estate platform and Gecić Law presented yesterday the unique publication Real Estate Development Guide, which results from the collaboration between the specialist teams of the two firms.  The guide aims to help investors interested in real estate developers understand the process of investing in real estate based on the example of an office space construction project.  It covers all process stages and offers a comprehensive overview of its requirements, including commercial and legal aspects.  The guide is designed for domestic and foreign investors but is a useful tool for all those interested in the real estate market.

During their interesting discussion, the guide’s authors and panelists pointed out that investors must consider multiple steps, such as assessing needs and opportunities, planning time and costs, and implementing a sustainability plan. They also emphasized the importance of choosing the right partners to guide the investor, as success often depends on the knowledge and experience in developing projects to benefit all stakeholders, including investors, partners, suppliers, and the end-users of the property.  Partnerships with seasoned professionals in the field throughout the process will likely prevent any significant barriers and challenges affecting the project’s profitability and overall satisfaction. The office space market is still dynamic and resilient, offering strong investment opportunities, while ESG considerations in the industry are becoming increasingly important.

“With expert knowledge of the real estate market in Serbia and the region and more than 15 years of experience in the construction and management of hundreds of thousands of square meters, our team participated in creating this guide.  The guide is designed to help foreign and domestic investors, whether investment funds, institutional investors, or other legal entities, provide basic guidelines and a comprehensive overview of the processes and requirements that must be met to implement a profitable investment project in real estate.  This was an opportunity for our experts with many years of domestic and international experience to present some of our platform’s services in one place,” said Mia Zečević, Owner and Group CEO, Novaston.

Ognjen Colić, partner at Gecić Law, said: “The real estate market in Serbia has been attractive for some time.  Our experts in real estate law at Gecić Law noticed the need to provide potential investors and other market participants with clear insight into the often-complicated legal aspects of the demanding undertaking of developing a commercial real estate project.  In collaboration with the Novaston platform, I am glad we can present a truly unique publication that fully meets these goals and will be of practical use to all stakeholders in this dynamic market.”

Miloš Petaković, senior associate at Gecić Law and representative of the team that prepared the legal aspects of the guide, said: “The construction industry and the real estate market represent a significant part of our economy and are an important driver of its development.  This market has grown tremendously in the last several years and must continue.  With this guide, among other things, we wanted to encourage investors to invest in real estate, showing that, although this process is demanding, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first.”

Novaston is a unique platform for real estate, property and asset management comprising Novaston Asset Management, Novaston Project Management and Novaston Marketing Consultancy. Founded in 2013, Novaston has specialized in a wide range of services from project development support and property management services, business plans and case studies, setting up financial models and structure of financial operations, valuation, mediation in the sale and lease of real estate and marketing. The NOVASTON portfolio includes more than 40 strategic projects, with a total of 500,000 square meters managed for more than 15 international and domestic clients, including BIG CEE and NEPI Rockcastle, CPI, GTC, IKEA Serbia, Schneider Electric…

Click the link to download an English version of the Guide