20 Oct 2023

Gecić Law Joins the First AI Master Class

We are thrilled to announce the participation of members of the Gecić Law team in the AI Master Class program, the first educational seminar of this format in the field of artificial intelligence.  As pioneers in AI legal practices, our experts will speak at the “Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Legal and Ethical Challenges” event.  Spanning October to December, the AI Master Class has four two-day sessions across Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Event Schedule & Highlights

Novi Sad kicked off on October 12-13 with over 120 attendees.  Subsequently, the upcoming Belgrade sessions will occur on October 26-27 and November 16-17.  The AI Master Class will finally close in Novi Sad on December 7-8.

Partner Ognjen Colić will delve into AI’s impact on corporate governance at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences on October 26.  On December 7, partner Bogdan Gecić will explore AI’s legal and social liability aspects at Novi Sad’s Science and Technology Park.

Program Overview

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia are organizers of the AI MasterClass.  The event equally targets diverse stakeholders – from the business realm, public, and legal sectors to academia.

In light of AI’s rapid global surge and its complexities, there is indeed a knowledge gap in the field.  The AI Master Class focuses on honing ethical, legal, and risk management insights concerning AI’s societal implications.

Participants will learn in detail from interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, and multimedia resources.  Topics specifically range from AI basics and development risks to ethical and legal considerations.

The program takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and the Share Foundation.

For more details and a comprehensive agenda, follow this link.