11 May 2023

Gecić Law Leads Legal Workshops for Startups at Biosense Acellerator

As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Biosense Institute and Gecić Law, as a mentor, our Senior Associate Nemanja Sladaković led two workshops within the 10th Module of the Biosense Accelerator, the cutting-edge immersive program for the region’s early-stage and growth-stage AgTech startups.  The in-depth workshop titled “Legal ABCs for Startups” aimed to educate participants on corporate law basics crucial for startups to know before incorporation and in the early stage of development.  The workshop covered various legal branches such as contracts, employment law, ESG, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution.

The interactive and engaging session allowed participants to ask questions and receive personalized feedback from an experienced legal professional specializing in corporate law.  The workshop commenced with a legal overview of pre-incorporation relations, an explanation of startup incorporation, and the basics of limited liability.  The legal aspects of running a business were also discussed, providing participants with an overview of legal requirements and best practices for starting and operating a business.

The program also covered access to external financial sources and structuring the relationship with an investor.  The importance of understanding the legal implications of external funding sources and investor agreements were analyzed through examples.

Participants gained knowledge of potential risks and liabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions and avoid costly legal mistakes.  The workshop allowed startups to become better equipped to handle legal matters during the early stages of development.

Nemanja encouraged participants to develop a solid understanding of the basics of law essential for startups.  He emphasized the importance of being prepared for legal issues and proactively mitigating risks.

The workshop was well-received by the participants, who found it informative and helpful.  They appreciated the personalized feedback and the opportunity to interact and engage with a legal professional.

Another critical module stage occurred last week when Nemanja held a remote webinar for a group of participants.