25 Nov 2022

Bogdan Gecić Talks for Tačka Povratka Podcast

Our Founding Partner Bogdan Gecić recently had an inspiring conversation with Ivan Brkljač for the new episode of the podcast of the organization Tačka Povratka. Bogdan evoked memories of his vast international experiences as a circular migrant, living and working in several countries and continents since his early childhood and returning to Serbia. He offered his views on living abroad, coming back to Serbia and the advantages and disadvantages of the life experience provided by circular migration. Bogdan spoke of his views on origins and culture and the importance of repeats for the country.

Among other things, Bogdan said: “A wonderful thing about circular migration is that the people that return to the country are great. They bring a brilliant work ethic. They have all made a significant contribution since their return; for most, this was their main motivation to return. They are all involved in some wonderful and valuable activities. At the firm, our policy has been to be a haven for repeats. Those that have obtained an education and work experience abroad have had a priority…intellectual property is the most valuable asset. Facebook, Apple, Google – that’s mostly intellectual property, very little is tangible and technical value. Knowledge – know-how – in turn is the most valuable part of intellectual property…Our repats are of the greatest national interest. They are key for the transfer of knowledge to our country.”

Tačka Povratka is an organization building bridges between Serbian society and its diaspora. It aims to support repatriates returning to Serbia, help business ideas grow locally, and assist scientific and academic exchange and projects while promoting better connections between Serbia and its diaspora. The podcast features conversations with people from Serbia that live abroad and people that have returned to Serbia, successful individuals and teams that work in Serbia.

Click below to view the entire episode.