26 Dec 2022

The Business Registers Agency Hikes Fees

The end of the current year and the beginning of the new year bring changes in the form of a fee hike applicable to all legal entities covered by the Business Register Agency (“BRA“).  The November Decision on Registration Fees and Other Services brought by the BRA of the Republic of Serbia increased fees for almost all services provided by the Agency (“Decision“).  Among others, the Agency changed fees for registration of incorporation, data changes, registration of other data, and deletion of data.  This change is of great importance to anyone planning any corporate changes, bearing in mind that the BRA will only accept an application if the new fee has been paid.

Thus, some examples are as follows – the fee for the registration of the incorporation of a company will amount to RSD 6.500,00 (RSD 5.900,00 if the registration application is submitted electronically).  The cost of registering a change in the company’s data will amount to RSD 3.100,00 (RSD 2.800,00 if the registration application is submitted electronically).  The registration of the deletion of a company costs RSD 3.300,00 (RSD 3.000,00 if the registration application is submitted electronically).  In contrast, the amount for issuing an excerpt of the registered data of the company in paper form will amount to RSD 1.900,00 (RSD 1.700,00 if the registration application is submitted electronically).  The BRA encourages electronic communication with the administration and applies lower fees for such applications.

The Decision regulates the payment method and the manner of submitting the evidence of payment to the BRA on the paid fees.

It has also been stipulated that the BRA and other business registers signatories of the Agreement on establishing and managing the Regional Portal of Business Registers of Southeast Europe (“Bifidex“) may charge for subscriptions for electronic services/reports from the portal.  The BRA charges for services provided through Bifidex through its foreign currency account with the National Bank of Serbia.

The Decision entered into force eight days after it was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, i.e., on December 7, 2022, and will apply from January 1, 2023 (except for the provisions of articles relating to cultural institutions applicable from November 18, 2022).  On the date of entry into force of this Decision, the previous Decision on Fees for Registration and Other Services provided by the Business Registers Agency (“Official Gazette RS no. 119/13, 138/14, 45/15, 106/15, 32/16, 60/16, 75/18, 73/19, 15/20, 91/20, 11/21, 66/21 and 129/21”) shall cease to be valid.


Author: Teodora Ristić