27 Jun 2022

Gecić Law Supports Revolutionary Business Law Book Launch

As great admirers of innovation, it always gives us pleasure to celebrate revolutionary endeavors.  This is especially when it comes to education in business and law.  Last Tuesday, our team came together in support of the launch of a new book with authors with whom the firm has close professional cooperation.  Titled “Business Law in the Digital Age” by Dr Đorđe Krivokapić and Andrea Nikolić, the unique edition will serve as a coursebook for students in Business Law at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of Belgrade University.

The Gecić Law team gathered at the launch event which brought together an unprecedented number of attendants in the Faculty’s brand new building.  Our founder and partner Bogdan Gecić spoke at the event as part of a panel comprising distinguished representatives of the business community, academia, law firms and non-governmental sector.

After surveying the audience on the use of new technology in their studies, in his inspirational address, Bogdan said: “Welcome and well done just for being here.  You are witnessing a historic, revolutionary moment in legal education at the University of Belgrade,” and quoted the famous “Here’s to the crazy ones” address by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

The coursebook represents a true multimedia experience that guides the student through the world of business law using numerous real-life examples and reference points.  We are incredibly pleased to be among the top sources of expertise and information with many of our articles, case studies and thought leadership pieces being an integral part of this unique coursebook.

Dr Đorđe Krivokapić is part of the Faculty of organizational sciences of the University of Belgrade and lectures in business law, law and IT, business ethics and organization of business systems in several other departments.  His academic and research experience includes work at the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, the Institute of Law and Technology of Masarik University in the Chech Republic and the Berlin School of Law and Economy in Germany.  His private-sector experience includes working for some of the largest law firms in the region and as an independent consultant, advising businesses in diverse sectors on the intersection of law and economy at the national, regional and international levels. He is an author and editor of numerous publications and broadcast endeavors.

Andrea Nikolić was one of the best students of her generation at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade and the Belgrade Banking Academy of Union University attaining both degrees in parallel.  She earned her LL.M. studies from the Faculty of Law, where she is currently completing her doctoral studies.  Before becoming a lecturer at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, she worked in leading law firms in Serbia and abroad, specializing in corporate law and alternative dispute resolution methods. She was appointed national representative of Serbia in UNCITRAL.