16 Jan 2024

Gecić Law and BU’s Faculty of Law Cooperate on Competition Law Clinic

Gecić Law and the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law signed a cooperation agreement yesterday, marking an important step in strengthening practical education for law students through collaboration on the first Competition Law Clinic.  The agreement creates a meaningful partnership between the academic and professional communities, providing law students practical experience.

The Competition Law Clinic, established on December 14, 2023, on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Dušan V. Popović, a full professor of Competition Law, represents an innovative approach to learning.  The clinic integrates into the Legal Skills course in the fourth year of undergraduate studies, particularly emphasizing the winter semester.

The interactive format of the lectures allows students to delve deeper into the understanding of competition law through practical work.  In addition to lecturers, representatives from partner institutions from the public and private sectors will participate in holding classes.  This provides students with a unique opportunity to learn directly from experts in the field.  This further strengthens the bridge between theory and practice.

One of the elements is the opportunity for students to undertake internships at Gecić Law and other partnering organizations.  This approach offers theoretical knowledge and invaluable practical experience.  The work of the clinic participants is focused on administrative and judicial practice in both Serbia and the EU.  This broadens perspectives and the understanding of the international legal framework.

Bogdan Gecić, founding partner at Gecić Law, said: “This agreement not only confirms our commitment to education and professional development of young lawyers but also sets new standards in legal education.  As we all know, competition law is an area that is constantly developing and changing, and we can proudly say that Gecić Law and the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade are at the forefront of this dynamic process.”

The agreement represents a significant step forward in this area, allowing students to delve into the complex legal challenges of competition law and acquire knowledge and skills that will be key in their future careers.  Such cooperation is essential for developing young lawyers and enhances the knowledge and skills of future legal professionals in Serbia.