15 May 2023

Branko Gabrić Participates in SEE Data Protection Congress

Last week, Branko Gabrić, our counsel, had the honor of being invited to speak at the South-East European Data Protection Congress in Belgrade.  The congress was held to establish a forum for data protection professionals to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, updates, experiences, and the application of best practices, ultimately boosting the data protection scene in the region.

Branko participated in the central panel on the first day of the conference, which focused on “Transparency – Can Organizations Ever be Too Transparent?”.  Alongside him were Boško Vojkić, Director of Data Protection at Ergomed PLC; Stevan Stanojević, founder of PrivacyOneStop; and Francesco Pozzoli, Deputy Data Protection Officer at Very Ireland.  Together, they discussed the importance of finding a balance between the needs of businesses and the risks to data protection rights when developing a privacy culture.

During the discussion, they emphasized the importance of using simple language in privacy messages and using creative means to communicate them effectively.  They also highlighted the critical role of comprehensive documentation of processes to manage the consequences of data breaches successfully.  The panelists agreed that documenting everything is crucial to mitigate data breaches effectively.

The SEEDPC provided an opportunity for experts in the field of data protection to come together and share their experiences and best practices.  The congress aimed to create a platform for ongoing discussions, networking, and learning opportunities, promoting the growth of the data protection industry in the region.  SEEDPC highlights the importance of continuing dialogue about best practices for data protection.  These discussions help to ensure that individuals’ data protection rights are respected, and organizations can continue to operate responsibly in the digital age.