08 Feb 2024

ESG Chat @ Gecić Law – Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of ESG in Business Transformation and Social Responsibility – Sonja Konakov Svirčev, Erste Bank

Gecić Law proudly presents the latest edition of our ESG Chat @ Gecić Law series, we are focusing on the intersection of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues within the banking and finance sector.  In this interview, we delve deep into the insights and perspectives of a distinguished ESG and CSR expert in Serbia, Sonja Konakov Svirčev, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Erste Bank Serbia.  Our guest expert shares their extensive knowledge of the role and significance of social responsibility within the broader ESG framework.  She also emphasizes the strategic importance of socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

This enlightening conversation explores the evolution and relevance of ESG factors in the region, particularly in banking and finance.  The interview highlights how these factors integrate into the core strategies and processes of major financial institutions like Erste Bank.  Our guest provides an in-depth analysis of various initiatives and projects focusing on social responsibility.  She highlights the challenges and opportunities of implementing ESG criteria in the Serbian banking sector.

We also discussed the influence of local and EU ESG regulations, particularly concerning social aspects of business.  This includes how ESG criteria are factored into business decisions and the importance of ESG performance in shaping relationships with clients and business partners.  In addition, we touched upon the future trends and challenges in corporate social responsibility.

Don’t miss out on this in-depth exploration of ESG practices in the Serbian banking and finance sector.  Click the link to read the full interview to gain valuable insights into how these practices shape the industry’s future.