05 Dec, 2017

Marohnić, Tomek & Gjoić Celebrates a Year of Excellence

Photo courtesy of Poje Marlo

Members of our firm had the great honor and pleasure to visit Zagreb on December 1, 2017 on the occasion of the first anniversary of one of Croatia’s most promising law firm, Marohnić, Tomek & Gjoić (MTG).  Similar to Gecić Law, MTG was founded through a merger of a number of prominent law firm spin-offs, joined by other leading lawyers and professionals, all brought together by a shared vision.

On behalf of everyone at Gecić Law, we extend our heartiest congratulations to MTG on their first year of success.  You can be very proud of the growth and reputation you have built, as the leading counsel in the areas of real estate, M&A, energy and infrastructure work, and banking / finance in Croatia.  This achievement is built on hard work and absolute commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards, which coupled with your sincerity and first-class service quickly garnered the highest level of respect in the regional legal circles.

We are humbled that we share the same values and vision for the regional market as MTG, and proud to have such world class partners, and more importantly friends, in Croatia.

Gecić Law