08 Apr 2022

Ognjen Colić Talks M&A at the Faculty of Law

Our Partner and Head of Corporate M&A practice Ognjen Colić captured the imaginations of the students of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade yesterday as he delivered an interactive guest lecture focusing on mergers and acquisitions.  He gave the students a comprehensive overview of this fascinating field using examples and anecdotes from his rich experience in the field.

Ognjen explained the key processes and negotiations that are crucial during a merger or acquisition.  Between due diligence, drawing up contracts, and signing and closing, he explained that legal teams must be meticulous and systematic in their approach.

As Ognjen said, “Lawyers need to be scrupulous and alert when conducting their due diligence, as well as throughout the process of drawing up and signing contracts.  There will be many red flags along the way and it is up to the legal team to find the right solutions.”

Ognjen’s talk was part of a guest lecture and case study program aiming to show business law students the practical aspects of corporate law as they play out in the real world.  The series is organized and hosted by Assistant Professor Dr. Milena Đorđević.