17 Jun 2022

SCA adopted the proposal of the Model Program for Business Compliance with the Competition Rules

On June 17, 2022, the Council of the Serbian Competition Authority (“Council“) adopted the proposal of the Model Program for Business Compliance with the Competition Rules (“Model Program”), in order to help the undertakings in developing their own compliance programs.

In that sense, the Council points out that the Model Program represents only an example and a proposal to the undertakings, and that each compliance program should be made in accordance with the specific needs of a certain undertaking, as well as adjusted with the markets on which a particular company operates.

The aim of the Model Program is to assist undertakings in applying the Guidelines for Drafting Competition Compliance Programs more easily and to operate in all respects in accordance with the Competition Act.

Our team has a lengthy history of working in the field of competition law and we are currently preparing a thorough analysis of the Model Program in order to facilitate the implementation of business compliance programs for undertakings.  You can keep up with all the latest news on our website.