27 Oct 2021

Taboroši Scholarship 2022 – Applications now open!

Gecić Law is pleased to announce that we have opened the application process for the Taboroši Scholarship for the fifth consecutive year.

About the Scholarship

The Taboroši Scholarship was established in memory of Professor Svetislav Taboroši, by family members and former students who have been inspired by the professor’s work and dedication to academic research and innovative problem-solving in the practice of business law.  A brilliant teacher and scholar, Professor Taboroši strived to educate his students on the most recent trends in legal academic thinking and the importance of critical thinking in academic and professional analysis of international law & economics.  The scholarship is awarded annually to students of the senior year at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. The students’ work, a short analytical paper, best embodies his spirit of academic exploration and promotion of academic research amongst peers specializing in law & economics.  The Scholarship is also the first of its kind, established in memory of a professor by their former students, at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and as such, it aims to inspire other alumni of the University of Belgrade to support the future of Serbian academia and society and honor the giants on whose shoulders they stand.

About the Professor

Professor Svetislav Taboroši dedicated 42 years to the study of law as a means of regulating markets, both in socialist and free market economies.  Professor Taboroši was a tenured professor of Economic Law at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, as well as a member of the Serbian Scientific Society and National Council for Consumer protection.  The professor was among the first of his peers to pioneer a reformed academic approach to Serbian business law and law in general by insisting on original contribution to the study of current and issues relevant to the practice of law as a key element of academic research.

He started his career at the Institute for Economics of Investments (1970) and soon became a teaching assistant at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, where, in 1992, he was appointed as a tenured professor at the Department of Legal and Economic Sciences.  During the several decades of his career, the Professor gave a multitude of lectures on idiosyncratic issues facing transitional economies at universities such are NYU Stern Business School, University of Bridgeport and Central European University.  Moreover, with the aim of supporting student involvement in academic research of law and economics, he served as a member of the advisory board at the Faculty of Law’s Student Economic Law Review since its establishment.  He was also actively involved in the legislative process, especially in relation to consumer protection – he participated in drafting the Consumer Protection Act (2005) and the related consumer protection strategy.

Scholarship for the academic year 2022/2023

The scholarship prize fund shall be awarded based on the analytical paper on the set regulatory issues graded by a board comprised of members of the Taboroši family, professors of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and attorneys specializing in business law. Further information on the requirements, deadlines and necessary documentation are available here.