30 Apr 2024

Gecić Law Celebrates TAG Alliances’ 25th Anniversary

Gecić Law is delighted to honor an important milestone for TAG Alliances, as the elite global network marks its remarkable 25th anniversary.  As the exclusive member of TAGLaw for Montenegro and Serbia, we celebrate a quarter-century of excellence and innovation in global cooperation in legal services.  We look forward to the historic 50th International Conference in Nashville, which will mark the official commemoration of the anniversary.

The History of TAG Alliances

TAG Alliances originated in 1999, when founder Peter Appleton Jones established an alliance of law firms known as TAGLaw.  That same year, ten innovative law firms started collaborating at the inaugural TAGLaw International Conference in Paris, France.  Over the years, TAGLaw broadened its scope to include additional professional services sectors.  This led to the subsequent formation of The International Accounting Group (TIAG) and a division for Strategic Partners (TAG-SP).  In 2015, the leadership of TAG Alliances transitioned to Richard and Melisa Attisha.  They upheld the legacy of TAG Alliances and steered the organization into its next era.

Over the past 25 years, TAG Alliances has evolved into one of the largest and most respected multidisciplinary alliances globally.  It unites over 22,000 professionals, more than 280 member firms, and upwards of 800 offices across over 110 countries.

A Legacy of Collaboration

Reflecting on this significant anniversary, Bogdan Gecić, founding partner, stated, “Our association with TAGLaw has been transformative both for us and our clients.  It extends beyond mere membership.  It’s a symbiotic relationship that enhances our capabilities and empowers our clients’ global pursuits.  Celebrating this 25th anniversary, we also honor the strength of unity and the opportunities that arise from our cooperation with fellow TAGLaw and TAG Alliances members.  The upcoming conference in Nashville a celebration of longevity but also a beacon for future collaboration, innovation, and shared success.”

Since its inception, leading global legal directories recognize TAGLaw as an elite global network.  This is a testament to the exceptional standards of service and expertise provided by its member firms.  As part of this prestigious alliance, Gecić Law has been at the forefront of offering unparalleled legal services, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, and navigating complex international legal landscapes for our clients.

The 50th International Conference will be a platform for celebration.   It will also offer an opportunity for members to engage, share insights, and strengthen relationships. During the event, longstanding members will be acknowledged for their loyalty and contributions to the alliance’s success.

As we continue to build on the strong foundation of TAG Alliances, Gecić Law indeed remains committed to reinventing the role of legal practice in the region by embracing a global model that supports our clients wherever their business ventures lead them.  We are excited to step into the next chapter of our journey with TAG Alliances and its members.  We are enriched by our shared history and look forward to future achievements.  Please join us in celebrating this milestone and the many more to come.

About TAG Alliances and TAGLaw

TAG Alliances is one of the world’s largest and most esteemed multidisciplinary alliances.  TAG Alliances comprises TAGLaw, The International Accounting Group (TIAG), and TAG-SP for strategic partners.  Together, these groups include over 280 member firms with more than 22,000 professionals in over 110 countries. TAGLaw, as a key part of this alliance, connects high-caliber law firms around the globe, offering innovative legal solutions and fostering deep international cooperation among its members.