07 Nov 2023

Branko Gabrić to Participate in TerraLex’s Webinar on CBAM

Gecić Law is honored to announce that our esteemed colleague and counsel, Branko Gabrić, will share his specialist knowledge during an upcoming interactive global webinar on the European Union’s new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulation.  The prestigious global legal network TerraLex presents the event “The Impact of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.” Branko will be in the company of illustrious speakers, including Assunção Cristas, Head of Environment at Vieira de Almeida, and Nithya Nagarajan, Partner at Husch Blackwell.

The event aims to discuss the implementation of CBAM, a groundbreaking initiative by the European Union.  The mechanism entered its transitional phase on October 1, 2023.  The regulation aims to level the playing field between EU-produced and imported products.  This initiative pioneers the implementation of a carbon border levy, which will consequently have considerable ramifications for international trade dynamics.  The event will delve into the repercussions of CBAM for stakeholders worldwide, especially the business community.  The event will offer insights into how companies can brace for changes, seize emerging opportunities, and neutralize potential risks.

As the exclusive member of TerraLex in the jurisdictions of Montenegro and Serbia, Gecić Law regularly contributes to TerraLex events and  TerraLex Cross-Border Guides in various practice areas.  Branko Gabrić, an expert in international trade law, spearheads Gecić Law’s work related to the intricacies of the CBAM regulation.  Branko also excels in transportation and aviation law.  Consequently, he recently became one of the leaders of the TerraLex aviation industry group.

TerraLex is a global association with the mission of helping member firms serve their client’s legal needs and business interests.  TerraLex is a worldwide network of quality law firms that meet high professional standards.

We cordially invite you to gain invaluable insights from this event.  Please follow the provided link to secure your registration.