30 Jun 2022

Bogdan Gecić Talks The Buzz with CEE Legal Matters

Our founding partner Bogdan Gecić was invited by the preeminent regional legal publication CEE Legal Matters to speak for The Buzz section of its July issue.

Bogdan spoke about current trends in the business and legal environments in Serbia and the broader region. In the interview, he highlighted strengths in several high-growth sectors, including renewable energy, telecommunications and media, electric vehicles and components.

He also discussed regional initiatives such as the Open Balkan and its ramifications when it comes to the free flow of goods, capital and labor, the latter being a key determinant of growth for the Western Balkans with shortages rampant across the economies.

Bogdan also highlighted the ramifications of the EU’s CBAM regulation, recently adopted by the EU Parliament, for the region and the future of international trade in general. He noted that: “the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism should become a reality soon, however, none of the Western Balkan countries have adopted any measures to address the challenges. The CBAM will initially target cement, steel, petroleum, aluminum, electricity, etc., but will have a spillover effect on the costs of any finished goods that use these in their production processes.” Bogdan said that to address it, multi-layered work is required from many companies and governments.

To read the entire interview, please follow the link below:

The Buzz in Serbia: Interview with Bogdan Gecic of Gecic Law