11 Oct 2023

Gecić Law to Hold AI Seminar for Union Law School Students

Gecić Law is proud to announce an exclusive seminar that will explore the most critical aspects of law in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).  The AI seminar titled “The Law in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” was organized in cooperation and with the exceptional support of the Union University Law School Belgrade.  Participants will include students in their final years of study, master’s, and doctoral studies.  The seminar will take place from October 16 to November 8.

This intensive program will take participants through the general regulatory framework.  It will also discuss ethical principles and parallels between EU law and domestic legislation.

Additionally, it will explore intellectual property and GDPR issues in artificial intelligence and legal compliance.  Sessions will also include actual case studies from legal practice and discuss emerging issues in AI legislation.  The AI seminar will analyze the impact of AI on competition law, consumer protection, and liability.

The lecturers are experts in law and artificial intelligence from the Gecić Law.  In eight sessions, they will share global and local insights and experiences and contribute to understanding this dynamic field.

Whether you are a law student, lawyer, attorney, or business leader, the seminar will provide you with crucial knowledge about the legal framework that shapes the application of artificial intelligence in various sectors.

For additional information, please visit the Union University School of Law website.