29 Sep 2023

Arena Channels Group Triumphs in BiH Antitrust Case

Gecić Law is pleased to announce a recent win in antitrust law.  The case focused on premium football broadcasting within Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).  In collaboration with Marić & Co Law Firm Ltd., our team has obtained a favorable judgment for our esteemed client, Arena Channels Group (ACG).

This legal journey began in April 2021, when the Competition Authority of BiH (CA) investigated ACG.  Another telecommunications company within BiH initiated the proceedings.  The firm alleged that ACG was abusing its dominant market position.  The purported abuses were inclusive of, but not limited to, creating a competitive disadvantage for the complainant, enforcing unfair pricing structures, and inhibiting both production and technological advancements — actions that were allegedly detrimental to consumers within the premium football content distribution market.

However, by October, the CA decisively concluded its assessment by dismissing the complaint lodged against ACG.  Upon careful evaluation, the CA ascertained that ACG had engaged equitably with all respective operators within the relevant market without resorting to unfair pricing structures.  In essence, the CA determined that the operational conduct of ACG was consistent with established competition rules and regulations.

Yet, the legal narrative extended beyond this point.  The initial claimant did not concede defeat, initiating an administrative dispute.  In this legal contestation, the claimant posited that the CA had failed to apply relevant rules within its decision-making process accurately.  Upon review, the Court of BiH adjudicated the matter, affirming that ACG had not abused its dominant market position.  This judicial conclusion thereby validated all findings previously articulated by the CA.

The case delineated herein is symbolic of our ongoing commitment and success in navigating the intricate landscape of antitrust law.  Through such diligent legal practice, we ensure our clients thrive within legal propriety and regulation.

The Gecić Law team comprised Founding Partner Bogdan Gecić, Senior Associate Vuk Leković and Associate Milica Novaković.