21 Jun 2022

Corporate Reporting – the Decision Day

Today in Brussels, the EU parliament, EU governments and the European Commission will try to agree on uniform rules for corporate reporting on environmental, governance and social standards (ESG).  This will be the last time that the lawmakers meet to confirm the new reporting rules.

Pascal Durand, the lead negotiator for the European parliament, stated ahead of the meeting: “If we strike a deal tonight, the EU will set the tone of the global conversation on sustainable standards for the company of the 21st century.”  This highlights the importance of the new uniform reporting rules for the companies, and as we highlighted in our previous publication (link,) nearly 50,000 companies, mostly those with 250 or more employees, will be affected by the new rules.

Not only that many companies will be affected by the negotiations, but also the meeting will make clear whether non-EU businesses should be included and if sectors such as mining and textile products should be held to higher standards.

Stay tuned as we will publish, on our website, all the new mandatory reporting rules as soon as the negotiating session is over.