14 Dec 2021

EU Opens Cluster Four in Accession Negotiations with Serbia

Cluster 4 on the Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity was formally opened at an Intergovernmental conference on Tuesday, in Brussels, covering four negotiating chapters.

Earlier this year, and in order to make the accession process more efficient, the Commission proposed and the EU Council agreed to implement the revised Enlargement Methodology, according to which negotiating chapters are organized in thematic clusters.  Clusters were envisaged as a means to ensure stronger progress monitoring and accelerated integration.  The Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity cluster encompass Chapter 14 on Transport Policy, Chapter 15 on Energy, Chapter 21 on Trans-European Networks and Chapter 27 on the Environment and Climate Change.

Chapter 14  sets common rules for technical and safety standards, security standards, State aid and market liberalization in road transport, railways, inland waterways, combined transport, aviation, and maritime transport.

Chapter 15 covers energy supply, infrastructure, the internal energy market, consumers, renewable energy, energy efficiency, nuclear energy, nuclear safety, and radiation protection.

Chapter 21 promotes trans-European networks in the areas of transport, telecommunications and energy to strengthen the internal market and contribute to growth and employment.

Chapter 27 promotes strong climate action, sustainable development, and environmental protection. EU law contains provisions addressing climate change, water, and air quality, waste management, nature protection, industrial pollution, chemicals, noise and civil protection.

The decision to open Cluster 4 in accession negotiations with Serbia was confirmed on December 8, 2021, at a regular meeting of permanent representatives of EU member states in Brussels (COREPER).


Authors: Milica Novaković, Jelena Škorić