10 May 2021

Gecić Law’s Head of Corporate/M&A Ognjen Colić quoted in FAZ

Gecić Law’s expertise was yet again called upon by international media last Friday, as Head of Corporate/M&A Ognjen Colić was quoted in the leading German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (“FAZ”) where he commented on Serbia’s latest Decree on Incentive Measures for Immunisation and Prevention and Suppression of the Infectious Disease COVID-19.  In the article, Mr. Colić noted that the Official Gazette is yet to publish the latest decree on the new COVID-19 sick leave payment rules after the Serbian Government announced that only those vaccinated would be eligible for an incentive to on top of regular salary reimbursements.  Those infected with the Coronavirus would receive 100% of their wages while on sick leave, and not the usual 65%.

Commenting on the decision, FAZ stated: “Ognjen Colić, a labor law specialist, told FAZ that since the decision hasn’t been published in the Official Gazette, one cannot conclusively state whether  the decree is also binding for the private sector or it is merely a recommendation.  Nevertheless, the latest decree is based on an April 2020 government recommendation, according to Colić”.  Furthermore, the article notes that Serbian government sources unofficially confirmed that the decree would not be mandatory for the private sector.

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